Who We Are

But I see your true colors,
Shining through,
I see your true colors,
And that’s why I love you,
So don’t be afraid to let them show,
Your true colors,
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow,
7 Colors make a rainbow,
7 Cords make Music,
7 days make a week,
7 Continents make our beautiful world,
7 words make our slogan “Be Troo to yourself, show your Troocolors”.

This story begins the same as most stories, wanting to make the world a better place a happier place. A proudly South African Brand set out to do just such. Most of us when we were younger wanted to take on the world, to be significant, to perhaps change lives and inspire others, we may have even wanted to created Unity. Troocolors has done just that, when this journey started in late 2017, it wanted to unite, and it wanted it to be done beautifully so and unique, just as each and every women is, as well as each and every girl is.

So we created the Brand and decided to call it Troocolor, a play on words saying its OK, just be True to yourself, show your Troocolors. Soft and sweet and inspiring and believing in a better tomorrow, no matter what your size or age or ethnicity, a brand that could connect us all and tell a story whatever that story might be. Whether you are living on a farm or in the city or where you aspire to go somewhere one day.

We want you to carry it around, like a vision board reminding you of where you came from and where you are going…. And what better way to do it then to have beautifully handcrafted, Handbags, Wallets, Backpacks, Laptop bags, Make Up bags, Pencil cases, small slings and coin holders and travel bags to name a few to accompany you on your journey.

Our Mission

Be an inclusive community dedicated to innovation and excellence with superior support and service and public engagement with quality products.

Our Vision

To be one of the most distinguished Bag and other accessories brands with a wide variety to suppliers, wholesalers and end consumers, not only locally but to the global market as well.